Mibot helps you draft international business contracts

Mibot is a service comprising a book ("MiBook") and an AI agent ("MiBot")

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Get the legal background

MiBot explains the legal background of the respective contract not only from the US legal perspective but also from the perspective of the Japanese law and international treaties such as the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.


Make the right decisions

MiBot provides with sample provisions from both sides, for example from the seller's perspective and buyer's perspective, and summarizes them in diagrams so as to make the parties aware of their legal options before making any decisions with respect to such contract.


Streamline Drafting

MiBot automates the process of contract drafting by reflecting the decisions made by the parties in the contract, and in case it is not correctly reflected, by modifying it in accordance with the directions of the parties.


mibot inc.

The journey started in December 2016 when Romary and Mitsuhiko decided to explore the possibility of building a legal artificial intelligence based on their expertise, particularly, Mitsuhiko's dual legal license in New York (currently inactive) and Japan (active) with 15 years of experience in drafting international commercial contracts and Romary’s unique experience in designing and developing robotics services.

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U.S. goods and services trade with Japan totaled an estimated USD 270.7 billion in 2016. The purpose of Mibot is to support lawyers and corporate legal staff to efficiently draft those contracts. In addition, there are still many US and Japanese companies which are reluctant to expand their businesses due to the burden imposed in international contracts. Our mission is to reduce such burden and stimulate the US-Japan transactions. Our initial focus is to cover basic international contracts such as NDAs and Sales Agreements.

Our Team


Mitsuhiko Nakamoto

Co-Founder, CEO

Romary Dupuis

Co-Founder, CTO


AI, Legal counsel